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In order to improve communications, a message board has been put up to be able to gather help for Degrees and Orders. Please forward your information to the appropriate body using the contact form at the bottom of each Grand Body’s web page. It will be posted as soon as possible so all can see it. Also please refer back to this to get your information.

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  1. Adoniram Council No. 9 will be conducting the “Royal and Select Master” degrees on May 21, 2022, at the Albany Masonic Lodge, commencing at 10 a.m.

  2. Richard Maris

    With the consolidation of Eugene Chapter 10 RAM with Cottage Grove 41 RAM there has been a significant number of applications coming forth adding to the roster of Cottage Grove 41 and then extending to Hiram Council 7 in Eugene. A class of six will receive the Royal and Select Master Degrees, CM, in Albany on May 21. Of these new CM Companions several have already stated their desire to petition Ivanhoe Commandery 2 in Eugene.
    Delayed Elections and Installations of officers were held under dispensation in Hiram 7 at the official visitation of MIC Dale E. Imbleau who was the Installing Officer. At the same Assembly the first reading of By-Laws Article III – Assemblies, was read and accepted whereby the Council will be meeting in every month of the year.
    Pending Elections of Officers for Ivanhoe 2 will be held on June 9, the official visitation of Very Eminent Commander SK Ryan Winters. At the same time initial consideration of By-Laws amendments will continue which also include Conclaves during every month of the year.
    York Rite Masonry is growing and increasingly active in the Southern Willamette Valley!

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