Illustrious Grand Master’s Travels May

You will notice that I have not published a calendar of my upcoming visits.  It became as we started meeting again on a regular basis that some Councils were going to need a little more attention than others.  While I will be getting to all of the Councils in the state, I may have to change my finely wrought plans to make sure that I am there where I am needed.  Therefore I will be publishing my planned visits at the beginning of each month.  They are still subject to the whims of fortune, but I will do my best to maintain them once announced.   My plans for May are:

May 5 – Multnomah Council #11 Official Visit

May 12 – Hiram Council #7 Official Visit

May 13 – Washington Grand Council Session

May 16 – Oregon Council #2 Official Visit

May 21 – Adoniram Council #9 Council Degrees

May 24 – Sunset Council #20 – Official Visit

May 31 – Sunset Council #20 – Council Degrees

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