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Title Name Office Eminent Kevin Gladysz Kevin Gladysz Chair Knight Templar Eye Foundation
Since 1956 the one of the charities of the Knights Templar of Oregon has been the Knight Templar Eye Foundation (KTEF). The original mission was “to provide assistance to those who face loss of sight due to the need for surgical treatment without regard for race, color, creed, age, sex or national origin provided they are unable to pay or receive adequate assistance from the curent government agencies or similar sources and to provide funds for research in curing diseases of the eye.” This was the prime focus of this fine organization and provided many cataract operations to those who could not pay for them. The beginning of 2011 with a change in the policy of the government the need to pay for such surgery was covered but the need for research into disease of the eye was not. To this end the KTEF switched thier focus from providing surgery to providing grants to those who were researching cures that would prevent that need. The Knights Templar of Oregon continue to support the KTEF as one of their main philanthropic charities. Please click on one of the links below for more information or to donate.
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